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My Pride Standard Poodle, Spicey, has a famous father named Dragon. Thanks to Lori who found her, Javier her breeder, Dragon and Ivy her parents, and the generations of breeders who contributed to her existence. She is my kindred spirit. Her picture is in the Gallery with My Pride Pets celebrating her second birthday.

Grace Ratliff

I bought a poodle from Javier. He is a gorgeous smart big boy. So loving.  I would recommend buying a poodle from Javier to anyone that wants a stunning smart standard!

Jennifer McDonald

I got a puppy from Javier and my poodle is perfect. In one week almost 100% trained and full of love! I couldn’t be happier. I am so in love and glad I got my dream dog from My Pride Poodles. Highly recommended the best looking poodles are from my pride poodles! Everyone we meet is amazed with my new puppy

Kathy Korstad

Mypridepoodles is the best!  I was looking for a trusted breeder, healthy silver baby who would be also perfect with kids and that is what I got! I cannot Thank enough to Javier Torres!!!  My female silver standard is a natural show lady. 

Isil Sareyyupogul

l love my girl from Javier. She is perfect in every way.


I love the way he keeps you updated Very compassionate about his poodles

Gaylene Crayton

Javier is an excellent breeder. His devotion and love for his dogs is second to none.

HyeHopes Hill

I got a poodle from MyPride to train as a service dog. The dog is amazing!  Healthy, happy & flawless temperament.  Thank you MyPridePoodles.

Linda Gimeno

While I don’t own a MyPride poodle I have worked with Javier when one of his dogs ended up in a bad situation and he needed some help getting her back.  I had the joy of witnessing first hand his strong devotion as he worked tirelessly with me until we had his dog safely back where she belonged with him.  

I do a lot of rescue for this breed.  If all breeders were this devoted, rescue wouldn’t need to exist.  His devotion to his dogs is second to none.  He truly loves his dogs and this wonderful breed.  The poodle world needs more breeders like this!

Lydia Kunzler

Such an amazing Standard Poodle breeder located in Las Vegas.

JM Smith

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