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My Pride Poodles

I’m Javier Torres, the owner of My Pride Poodles.  I’m a small hobby breeder of Standard Poodles in Las Vegas, NV.  We are fortunate to have so many Grooming Shows, Expo’s and Dog shows in Las Vegas. I’m close to UT, AZ, NM and CA as well, which makes traveling to shows a bit easier. 


I’ve been involved with all aspects of the Standard Poodle for 15 years. I started with the Parti Poodle and all of their beautiful color combinations. I presented them in the Conformation UKC shows. I was blessed to have learned so much about the breed through the outstanding people I met, many who became Mentor’s, Friends and invaluable sources of knowledge.  


I transitioned to the AKC Standard Poodles and Shows in 2016. It’s an entirely different level of competition, and I loved the new challenge. I’ve met people from all over the world, each one contributing to advancing my knowledge and encouraging me to strive for the best the Poodle has to offer.


Because I am a small breeder, I have to be very selective in the pups I choose to live with me. Not only do they need to meet the AKC standards, but their Health, Temperament & Confidence is equally important. I have a soft spot for a face that grabs my attention along with the perfect almond eyes.  As available methods of health testing has grown, I’ve expanded the testing within my own dogs. It’s highly important that we use every method possible to make their offspring as healthy if not healthier.


I have very few litters of puppies and most are sold before they are on the ground.  I breed only the White, Black and Silver coats.


When I’m not busy with the pups or a show,  I spend a lot of time studying the Pedigree’s of different Stud dogs, or browsing the digital media at the newest Poodle magazines.  


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